Here’s The Video About The Swan Whisperer That Has Been Going Viral The Last Few Days

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The Swan Whisperer With his Flock

During the cold months, birds like swans flock to the city parks to get near more people who might toss them a bread crumb or two. Because Jitesh Parmar, the swan whisperer, understands that these birds are hungry, he likes to make their lives a bit easier. So, every morning, he takes up a bucket of bird-safe food and goes to the park at 8 o’clock sharp. There he tosses out the food to the birds who are always eager to see their beloved human friend.

But one day, Parmar was late. And the animals were hungry and missed their friend. So, instead of being patient and waiting for Parmar to arrive, the swans decide they were going to go find him.

Watch what happens when this flock of swans starts crossing the bustling city street. The heartwarming clip is just so inspiring…

Because the swans and other birds are eager to see Parmar, they rush across the street. Meanwhile, traffic is forced into a standstill as dozens of birds block the roadway.

But then about 20 seconds into the clip, you will see Parmar strolling down the road with a bucket in his hand.

The birds know exactly why he has come. And they turn around and follow him down into the park like he is the pied piper.

Many people have labeled Jitesh Parmar, the swan whisperer, because the animals cannot get enough of him.

As soon as he crosses the street, Parmar starts tossing handfuls of birdfeed out onto the dirt. With the birds safely on the other side, he does not mind feeding them to their hearts’ content.

The video description written by Sreedharan Subramaniam, who uploaded the clip, says: “Jitesh Parmar, the swan whisperer feeds the ducks, geese, swans and yes, even seagulls at Roath Lake Cardiff all throughout winter at approx 8am. He started this because there are usually fewer people at the park feeding these birds during winter. This video was actually intended to show his daughters how the birds wait by the side of the road on time. It was just his luck that he was 15 minutes late on this occasion and the birds decided to walk up the direction they usually see him coming. A big THANK YOU to all the commuters on the road who patiently waited for the birds to get across.”

Nearly 3 million people have viewed this clip at the time this article was written. And here are some of the top comments:

“So nice to see, not just the birds, but that the drivers do not got angry and they do not make crazy honking, but they peacefully wait, until the street is free,” wrote cmbbfan78.

“this is so beautiful seeing all these variety of birds getting together and just enjoying some grub,” Jason wrote.

“Thank you!  This was lovely! And also lovely that people stopped for tiny pedestrians!” Liza Tanzawa shared.

“self control is refraining from honking your horn when theyre all crossing the street,” Allison Foster commented.

What do you think about this heartwarming clip?

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