Silverback Gorilla Becomes A Viral Sensation After Video Captures His Talent

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Silverback Gorilla Becomes A Viral Sensation After Video Captures His Talent

Much in the same way that children mimic their parents, some animals are known for imitating their fellow humans as well. If they are around their humans often enough, then why wouldn’t they start to mimic their people?

Ambam is a Western Lowland Gorilla who is making quite a name for himself on social media. The massive silverback gorilla has recently celebrated his 27th birthday by standing on his back legs and walking like a human. And it is certainly a sight to see. When Ambam is fully erect he stands at six feet tall and weighs in at 476 pounds.

People from all over the world are going to the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park to see the ape in action, as his massive size is breathtaking.

In the video below, you can witness Ambam’s swagger for yourself, and while it’s not nearly as breathtaking as it is in person, you’ll get the gist of how miraculous it can be when a gorilla walks upright.

With some classic jazz music in the background, Ambam’s daily life is captured in the video, and it contains anywhere from mundane moments of Ambam sitting in his habitat to him walking on all fours. And then it happens…the massive beast stands up on his hind legs and stands as if it’s no big deal. He just casually rises to an erect position like he is a human himself. And maybe he thinks he is. While his body is so massive, you can see some obvious similarities to that of a human. His build and structure are very similar to a human man his size, except he is just a tad larger and more dense.

In the video, Ambam is captured on all fours eating and standing up occasionally to either show off or take in the air at a higher elevation. He obviously likes his newfound height as he is seen standing there nonchalantly while picking at a weed and looking at something far off in the distance. Maybe he is checking out the view he can’t seem to capture when he is on all fours.

The 27-year-old silverback gorilla certainly has something to celebrate, as he is the only known ape that can stand upright, mimicking a human. It also looks like he was celebrated by his human caretakers as he is seen with a decorative box opened in front of him. He appears to be eating at the same time, so maybe he was gifted with his favorite snack.

Viewers of the video had mixed feelings about the upright gorilla…

“A gorilla that walks on two feet. Okay folks, we are thoroughly fucked as the dominant species. Let’s hope they don’t start drinking and using rifles.”

“Can you imagine what a silverback gorilla would look like if he lifted weights and drank protein shakes? Holy shit. He looks like this on a veggie diet with a sedentary life lol. A true beast. Gorillas are majestic animals, they shouldn’t be on display for our entertainment. They deserve their freedom like we do.”

“OMG he’s got some serious muscles.

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