The Importance Of Pollinating Insects – Our Lives Depend On Them

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The Importance Of Pollinating Insects - Our Lives Depend On Them

You may not realize it, but many pollinating insects are not doing well. There may, someday, not be enough of these helpful creatures like bees. This could be a devastating blow to humanity, as more than half of the world’s crops are pollinated by insects. It is important for everyone to do their part to stop this problem before it affects the planet. One good way is to plant crops and flowers that attract these insects. This will give them a safe home and a chance to reproduce.

What You Can Do

One of the most important things is to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. You may need to exchange spots and little holes for a safer environment. The chemicals that are used to kill pests do not discriminate on which type of insect they kill. You can use natural pest control in your garden as a substitute. If something is attacking your crops, it has a natural enemy. Figure out what that enemy is and allow it to go to work for you.

Plants Matter

You should use as many local plants as you can. This means plants that are native to your part of the country. Pollinating insects will be attracted to the plants that they know. Plant for all of the seasons and it will help the pollinating insects. If you plant flowers, utilize spring, summer, and fall bloomers. This will give the insects something to do all through the warm weather. When you raise flowers, grow all different colors. Blue, white and yellow are good for attracting honey bees and butterflies. Make sure that you grow different types, sizes, and shapes, too. These will attract different types of pollinating insects.

Different Plants

Make sure that you grow vegetables and fruits that bloom and are pollinated by insects. They include watermelons, cucumbers, peppers, and cantaloupe. Crimson clover is also a good selection to attract bees for pollination.


A bee on a bee orchid
A bee on a bee orchid

Growing orchids is a very good way to attract pollinating insects to your yard. It may not be as important for domestic orchid propagation, but the plants will attract insects in three different ways. The smell of the flower will bring many insects to it. The inside of the bloom can appear to be another insect. The flower is slippery and an insect may accidentally fall in and become covered in pollen.


It is very important to do what we can to save the pollinating insects from extinction. Not only do their lives depend on it, but ours do too.

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