Diver Films Incredible Migration Of Stingrays That Is Happening Under Boat

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Diver Films Incredible Migration Of Stingrays That Is Happening Under Boat
Stingray in the Bahamas

One of the reasons that the ocean is so fascinating is because there are so many mysterious creatures that live beneath the water’s surface. In order to get up close and personal with those creatures, you need to be an experienced diver with the proper equipment. You also have to have confidence with swimming through unknown waters.

While scuba diving can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby, it is one of those hobbies that is well worth it, as the experience gained from every single dive, makes a person more knowledgeable about what goes on with the sea life that resides under the water. And this is surely a hobby that never gets boring as there are over one million known species of plants and animals. According to scientists, there may be as many as nine million species that have yet to be discovered. With that said, we can assume that divers never get bored. Not to mention, Marine animals come in all different shapes sizes and colors and they live in all different environments in the ocean, which leaves divers with a lot of options as far as exploration goes.

One brave diver recently captured underwater footage of a fever stingrays as they floated across the ocean floor. The footage was captured off the Sussex Inlet waterway in NSW and the rare sight is being shared all over social media. It was no easy task for the diver, as he had to go in and out of the water before he actually spotted the cluster of stingrays. The end result is one that is so breathtaking that he has onlookers stunned.

Luckily the diver, who worked hard to capture the moment, has shared the video. There are so many stingrays in one giant cluster that it almost appears as if you are looking at an optical illusion. You can see how the diver has to maneuver the camera both in and out of the water in order to get a good look at the sight. As if a diver doesn’t have enough equipment to travel with. It’s pretty impressive how he is able to swim with all that gear and manage a camera on top of it all.

When the diver has the camera beneath the water, you get a sense of calm at not only the movement of the water but the sight of the rays which look like hundreds of floating blankets.

Diver Films Incredible Migration Of Stingrays That Is Happening Under Boat
Mouth of the stingray is beneath their body

While stingrays are known as solitary creatures of the sea, they are often seen swimming with one another in big groups like this. Their flattened bodies allow them to effectively conceal themselves, however; that kind of defeats the purpose when there is a group of this size traveling together. Their mouths are beneath their bodies and their eyes are on top of their body, which makes it hard for them to track their prey by sight. Instead, they smell and use electroreceptors to signal out their food, much in the same that sharks do, which makes sense since they are technically related species.

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