Baby Emu Sees Dog For First Time In It’s Life. Watch Her Reaction.

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Introductions can be memorable. As any new parent with pets knows, introducing their newborn baby to their dogs or cats can be a stressful moment. But when handled with care, it can also be a heartwarming moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life – especially if you catch it on video. While watching newborn babies and dogs meeting for the first time is a hobby I’ve developed over the years, what we have for you in this video is even better. Sue Holmes has just welcomed a new family member into her home. And while it is not an infant, it is a baby – a baby Emu named Emee. Because Sue wants the baby emu to feel at home, she decides it is time to introduce the baby to the other members of the household – including the family dog.

Baby Emu Sees Dog For First Time In It’s Life. Watch Her Reaction.

With her camera at the ready, Sue films the emu and waits for the dog to saunter into the room. And when the black dog steps in from behind the couch, Sue captures a moment that will go down in viral video history. Check out how Emee the emu responds to the dog below!

With the dog now in the room, the baby emu cannot believe its eyes. The dog is unlike any other animal it has ever seen before. But that doesn’t mean the baby emu is going to respond with fear. No. Instead, the emu does what most people would never expect. It welcomes the dog as a friend into its life and in the weirdest way possible.

As soon as Emee sees the dog, she falls to her side and rolls over – just like a trained canine might for a treat. Then the baby emu runs over to the dog as if to sniff him.

Meanwhile, the dog ignores Emee and comes over to Sue who is seated in the middle of the room filming the entire strange encounter.

As the dog gets some loving from Sue, the emu continues to freak out. Emee lifts herself up really tall and stretches her neck as high as she can. She starts jumping up and hoping.

Sue makes sure to keep the camera trained in on Emee. Good! Because she’s acting super weird and we love it.

When the dog realizes that the bird is acting strange, he starts to play along. The black dog bounds from the room and Emee runs around in a circle. The dog comes back and Emee repeats her crazy dance.

The video was shared on Storyful and has already gotten more than 1.3 million views.


“I don’t think that bird wants to play he wants to fight look at his reaction spinning around don’t know what to do cause it’s a baby,” wrote Orlando Johnson.

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